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When you sit down to play a session of The Gatherers with your gaming group, under the guidance of your Game Master (GM), you will enter a fantastic world that exists all around us - a world between our walls, in our gardens, under our floorboards, and in our attics. This is the world of the Gatherers!

Gatherers are tiny folk that live among us, hidden and unseen by humans (who they call Giants). They gather things from us and from our houses, and they fear Giants above all else. Gatherers live their lives constantly hiding; however, they have a rich culture of clans, kingdoms, and even empires that you will be able to explore. Being small creatures, they have the innate ability to speak to animals as well. However this is not uncommon, as many of the pets and creatures that live among humans can speak and converse amongst themselves as well.

Each session will see your characters pursuing goals that fulfill the needs and further the interests of your Clan. You’ll each use a character sheet, dice, your imaginations, your voices, the guidance of your Game Master, the Gatherers Companion Card Decks, and even the actual tables, shelves, objects and items you can find around your house! You will build secret Gatherer homes around your actual real-life house, and will create deep relationships with the other Gatherers and sentient animals that live nearby or even in your territory.

The lives of the small are full of challenge and adventure!

Welcome to the world of The Gatherers, where your tiniest dreams come true.