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Surgeons at Sea Expansion - Trust Me I'm A Doctor

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Set sail and learn even more medical things you wish you never knew in this
swashbuckling expansion pack!

Adds 33 new Cures and 20 new Ailments to your Trust Me I'm a Doctor card game

Based on research into real medical cures and ailments aboard galleons and man o' wars in the age of sail, you'll be treating scurvy and maggot-eye with hot tar and bonesaws in no time!


- Quick to Learn

- Competitive Gameplay


Number of Players: 3-8

Age Group: 15+

Time to Play: 15-30 Minutes

Components: 53 x Cards

Expansion Pack: Requires the Trust Me I'm a Doctor Core Game



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Australian Made and Owned

Manufactured in Brisbane, Australia by ePrint Online

Customer Reviews

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Michael Wright
Doc I have an Itch

Wonerful stuff I can be a real doctor now...well once I run my scalpel under a cold tap.